What’s up, Warsaw? SATURDAY, 12 Jan 2013
11 January 2013

#SHOPPING  GARAGE SALE! Your chance to get a unique souvenir from Warsaw – and probably for dirt-cheap, too!  The garage sale…

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What’s up, Warsaw? FRIDAY, January 11th, 2013
10 January 2013

#PARTY New club opening  Friday will be the opening night for the latest addition to Warsaw’s party scene. Cząstki Elementarne is…

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What’s up Warsaw? THURSDAY, 10 Jan 2013
9 January 2013

#MUSEUMS  Łazienki – the Royal Baths  When in Warsaw you should not miss one of it’s biggest attraction: The Łazienki Royal…

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What’s up Warsaw? WEDNESDAY, 09 Jan 2013
8 January 2013

#ATTRACTIONS  Fotoplastikon  Ever heard of fotoplastikons?:) They were devices popular at the turn of 19 and 20th centuries that allowed to…

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What’s up Warsaw? TUESDAY, 08 Jan 2013
7 January 2013

#MUSEUMS  Chopin Museum  If you are ineterested in getting to know better the life and work of one of the best…

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What’s up Warsaw? MONDAY, 07 Jan 2013
6 January 2013

#MUSEUMS  The Warsaw Uprising Museum  The 1944 Uprising in Warsaw was one of the biggest battles of resistance against the Nazi…

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What’s up Warsaw? SUNDAY, 06 Jan 2013
5 January 2013

#FOOD  There’s nothing better than to wake up late on a Sunday morning and have a delicious breakfast. If your hotel/hostel…

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What’s up Warsaw? SATURDAY, 05 Jan 2013
5 January 2013

#EVENTS:  First Royal Festival of Light in Wilanów  An opportunity to visit a suburban residence of king John III Sobieski. Over…

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What’s up Warsaw? FRIDAY, 04 Jan 2013
4 January 2013

#EXHIBITIONS:  The Colours of Ruin. Warsaw and Poland in the photographs of Henry N. Cobb  You should not miss an exhibition…

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