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Congratulations! You have just found the best guides in town to show you around Warsaw! Each of us has years of experience in guiding and tons of interesting stories to share with your group. Regardless of whether you are job colleagues, wedding guests, university students or members of a prewar motocycle club, we promise to make the two hours spent with our guides a truly memorable time.

Apart from our classic itineraries we can arrange a special tour combining different areas, custom starting/ending points, bar stops and interactive elements on the way. We are flexible, professional, entertaining and …inexpensive. And we are not students 🙂

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    On this tour, we will introduce you to Warsaw. Through the most important sights within the borders of the Unesco World Heritage area like the Royal Castle, Saint John’s Cathedral, the Old Town Market, mediaeval city walls and the New Town you will receive an overview of the city: past and present.

    PLACES: Royal Castle, Sigismund's Column, St. John's Cathedral, magic bell, Market Square, Barbican, medieval city walls, Marie Curie's birthplace, Warsaw Uprising Monument

    Meet the Phoenix city. Warsaw was among the cities which suffered most during World War II. The city and its inhabitants experienced the horror of bombings, the terror of everyday life under the eye of SS but also courageously fought in two uprisings: the 1943 Jewish Ghetto Uprising and the 1944 Warsaw Uprising.

    PLACES: Castle Square, former Nazi German District, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, remains of Polish Bank, Ghetto Wall monument, remains of Nalewki street, Warsaw Uprising Monument

    Some say that Praga is a city within a city with a real spirit of the past, spared from the destruction during WW2. Few years ago it became a hip place to be, filled with trendy cafes, bars and shops. At the same time, it’s authentic, old and rundown in many areas. For this reason, street artists love it. Praga is not an obvious choice for everyone but as locals, we can assure you it’s worth a try.

    PLACES: St. Florian's Catholic Cathedral, Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, Murals of Praga, Koneser Vodka Factory, Różycki Bazaar, backyards of Praga

    Did you know that Jews in pre-war Warsaw accounted for over 30% of the city population? Did you know that the inventor of Esperanto lived here? Do you know where the Warsaw Ghetto was? If you’d like to find out, choose the Jewish Warsaw tour! We’ll show you the fascinating yet dramatic story of the Jews in Warsaw and tell you how the present Jewish community is making its way back to Warsaw after all the turbulent times. (And if you knew the answer to all the questions, we guarantee our guides will tell you much more!).

    PLACES: site of the medieval Jewish Quarter, Krasinski Park, remains of Nalewki street, Ghetto Wall monument, Ghetto Uprising Monument, Miła 18th Bunker, Umschlagplatz memorial

    All in one tour. The first half of the tour covers the Royal Route, which is the most elegant Warsaw street. Here in the 17th and 18th century wealthy noblemen were building their luxurious residences, powerful religious orders were erecting their baroque churches, here in the 19th century Chopin lived and Marie Curie was studying, here the most important events in Polish post-war history were taking place. In the second half of the tour you will explore the 20th-century city centre with the most iconic Warsaw building: the Palace of Culture, the famous gift from Stalin to the People's Republic of Poland, aimed to reshape Warsaw's historical city centre and give Warsaw a new communist identity.

    PLACES: Castle Square, Sigismund's Column, St. Anne's Church, Adam Mickiewicz Monument, Presidential Palace, St. Joseph's Church, Campus of the Warsaw University, Church of the Holy Cross, Nicolaus Copernicus Monument, Prudential Tower, Palace of Culture and Science

    Combine different areas on one tour with custom starting or/and ending point.

    Our idea for a visit at the National Museum is a scavenger hunt set among the finest examples of Polish art. Participants, divided into small groups, will have to follow clues and gather bits of information in order to locate instructions which will lead them to following works of art. This tour is not available on Mondays and can be done only within the opening hours of the Musuem (10 AM - 6 PM) for a group not smaller than 8 people

    If you want to have a tour within 24 hours from now, please call/text +48505910191 or send us a WhatsApp message by clicking here

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