Time: you choose

Duration: 2 hrs

Starting Point: Sigismund’s Column

Price: 50 EUR per group up to 5 people (and 10 EUR per each person exceeding 5)

Language: English

Get our professional tour guide exclusively for your group at your preferred time.

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    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 1 person

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 2 people

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 3 people

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 4 people

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 5 people

    Cost: 60 EUR (or 280 PLN) for 6 people

    Cost: 70 EUR (or 330 PLN) for 7 people

    Cost: 80 EUR (or 380 PLN) for 8 people

    Cost: 90 EUR (or 420 PLN) for 9 people

    Cost: 100 EUR (or 470 PLN) for 10 people

    If your group is bigger than 10, you qualify for our special group fare: 150 EUR (or 700 PLN) per group between 11 and 30 people