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Orange Umbrella Free Tour is the first and one of the best rated regular walking tour in Warsaw. We run tours every day, all the year round. You can join the tours listed below:

Old Town Free Tour

Every Day at 10 AM*

*1st January at 1:30 PM

Best Of Warsaw Free Tour

Friday, Saturday at 11 AM*

*Additionally from 25th December till 31st December 2017 everyday at 11 AM

Alternative Praga Free Tour

This tour is available from April till October

WW2 in Warsaw Free Tour

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday at 1:30 PM

Jewish Warsaw Free Tour

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 1:30 PM



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Orange Umbrella Guide

Are you coming to Warsaw in March? Ania has few tips for you.

    • There’s no doubt that spring is approaching slowly this year, but it is already the time to see what will be in style in Warsaw in the coming spring and summer season. On the weekend of 3-4 March, the National Stadium will turn into a huge fashion fair where you can see what Polish designers are planning for us to wear once it gets warm. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, natural cosmetics – all of this will be awaiting you at the Warsaw Slow Fashion Fairs.
    • On March 8th you should expect to see men buying flowers (usual tulips) for important women in their lives – wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, colleagues, bosses, classmates. This is how we celebrate the International Women’s Day, which has been aggressively replaced by St. Valentine’s Day. Why? On St. Valentines you show your love regardless of whether it’s a he or she. Also, the International Women’s Day, which was born over a century ago, to celebrate women’s voting rights, was adopted by the communists and is considered by some a ghost from our socialist past. However, you will see that many people ignore the ideology behind it and take this opportunity to brighten up somebody’s cold winter day with colorful tulips! Many shops, cafés and restaurants will have “special offers” on that day, so make sure you find a good bargain
    • Although Easter Sunday falls on April 1st, this year you will observe Warsaw getting ready for the most important religious holiday for Catholics throughout March. The first signs are already visible in churches – altars are decorated with purple cloth, the color of Christ’s passion. But to me, the most important sign that Easter is approaching is the Grand Easter Bazaar (March 18th, at 10:00 am to 6:00 pm) organized by the National Ethnographic Museum, which is a true feast for the eyes. It is an outburst of Polish folklore, where you can not only buy beautiful original handcraft, try home-made bread, mead, jams, sausages and liquors, but also enjoy the fantastic atmosphere created by artists performing (and selling their products) in traditional Polish costumes from all the regions of the country. On March 25th you will see people walking to church with sticks decorated with flowers. This is how we celebrate Palm Sunday (you see, palms don’t grow here so we found a way to replace them). My favorite Easter day is Good Saturday (March 31st) – you will see tens of thousands (yes, I mean this!!!) of people taking richly decorated baskets, filled with colorful eggs, tiny lambs made of sugar, small pieces of sausage, bread, horseradish, a bit of salt and sugar. The baskets will be blessed by priests and then taken home to be eaten on Easter Sunday breakfast. On that day I always go “churching” – to see how people decorate their baskets and to enjoy the sublime atmosphere enshrouded in the scent of candle lights and incenseAnia signature

People like you Orange Umbrella tours

  • Went to three tours with Orange Umbrella guys: Old Warsaw, WW2 and Alternative Praga.
    Beata was our guide in old town and WW2 and she had lots and lots of stories to tell about the city and its history.
    Peter guided our 2 h trip to Praga district. His english was really good and easy to understand. All in all the tour was nice, but I was hoping to hear more stories from alternative point of view. I felt that this tour did not match so well with description.

    Maija S
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to join one of the Walking Tours – They’re great. So informative and so enlightening. We would never miss an opportunity to have a walkabout with them. They really add to the enjoyment of your holiday.

    Anna R
  • It was a bit rainy at the day when I took this tour so only 6 people came, but that made tour very engaging. Begining was a bit boring, but don’t judge book from its cover. Later tour became more and more interesting. Anna did very good job and told many interesting and unexpected facts. She also answered many questions from the group. After this tour I went to Copernicus Science Centre which is very interesting place. But when I was there I felt that tour was so good and I would better go on one more tour than this centre. Big thanks to Anna. Dziękuję bardzo 🙂

    Edgaras P, Lithuania
  • I loved my experience in Warsaw, specially the tours from Orange Umbrella! Beata is an amazing guide, intelligent, funny, and why not say it: beautiful! i would totally recommend it to my friends and if i ever come back to Warsaw, would definatelly attend the others tours! Keep the amazing job!

    Gabriel P
  • Of course it’s not free but you pay how much you think. I was impressed by the nice student guide. He was excited about what he share with us. He was excellent and all of them are. They do an important job.

    evagold g, Israel
  • Myself and my friend went on the tour with guide Beata who was really nice and friendly. The tour was of the Jewish parts of the area and was really informative and interesting. Weather was great which made the tour even better, its a good distance walking so wear comfy shoes. Would recommend just wish we had more time available as I would have liked to have done the WW2 tour also. Thank you Beata.

    leanne_charnock, Great Britain
  • Me and my boyfriend went to Warsaw for the weekend and we did two different tours – Old Town and Jewish Warsaw. Both guides were very funny and demonstrate great knowledge. They were also helpful after the tours, indicating how can people reach their homes / restaurants / etc.

    Sara-Resende, Portugal
  • Our guide, Piotr, was excellent! The 2 hour tour was almost 4 hours. He provided us with shady rest opportunities, photo ops, answers to all questions and personal details from his life. I highly recommend this tour if you want to learn more about the holocaust, Poland, and the Jewish people. Just go to the old town square and look for the umbrella.

  • I did the Jewish Warsaw tour and would definitely recommend it to fellow travelers. I believe our guide was Magda and she was exceptionally well spoken and knowledgable. The tour covers a broad history of Jewish culture in Warsaw, from early settlements to WWII and modern day. Definitely check out this company!

    Jessica R
  • We did the Jewish Warsaw tour on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon. However, our guide made sure we forget all about the cold and dive into Jewish history instead. The walking helped a lot to get us to warm up and we saw and experienced pieces of Warsaw that we wouldn’t have noticed ourselves. The tour is about 2.5hrs long but really interesting and worth checking out.

    Nelli D

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