Praga by Locals

Praga by Locals Paid Tour

Time: you choose

Duration: 2 hrs

Starting Point: St. Florian’s Cathedral

Price: 50 EUR per group up to 5 people

Language: English

Some say that Praga is a city within a city with a real spirit of the past, spared from the destruction during WW2. Few years ago it became a hip place to be, filled with trendy cafes, bars and shops. At the same time, it’s authentic, old and rundown in many areas. For this reason, street artists love it. Praga is not an obvious choice for everyone but as locals, we can assure you it’s worth a try.

Come to the right side of Warsaw with us!

Currently this tour is available only as a private paid tour costing 50 EUR per group up to 5 people.

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    If you want to have a tour within 24 hours from now, please call/text +48505910191 or send us a WhatsApp message by clicking here

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 1 person

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 2 people

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 3 people

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 4 people

    Cost: 50 EUR (or 240 PLN) for 5 people

    Cost: 60 EUR (or 280 PLN) for 6 people

    Cost: 70 EUR (or 330 PLN) for 7 people

    Cost: 80 EUR (or 380 PLN) for 8 people

    Cost: 90 EUR (or 420 PLN) for 9 people

    Cost: 100 EUR (or 470 PLN) for 10 people

    If your group is bigger than 10, you qualify for our special group fare: 150 EUR (or 700 PLN) per group between 11 and 30 people

    Tour Highlights


    • Went to three tours with Orange Umbrella guys: Old Warsaw, WW2 and Alternative Praga.
      Beata was our guide in old town and WW2 and she had lots and lots of stories to tell about the city and its history.
      Peter guided our 2 h trip to Praga district. His english was really good and easy to understand. All in all the tour was nice, but I was hoping to hear more stories from alternative point of view. I felt that this tour did not match so well with description.

      Maija S
    • Don’t miss the opportunity to join one of the Walking Tours – They’re great. So informative and so enlightening. We would never miss an opportunity to have a walkabout with them. They really add to the enjoyment of your holiday.

      Anna R
    • It was a bit rainy at the day when I took this tour so only 6 people came, but that made tour very engaging. Begining was a bit boring, but don’t judge book from its cover. Later tour became more and more interesting. Anna did very good job and told many interesting and unexpected facts. She also answered many questions from the group. After this tour I went to Copernicus Science Centre which is very interesting place. But when I was there I felt that tour was so good and I would better go on one more tour than this centre. Big thanks to Anna. Dziękuję bardzo 🙂

      Edgaras P, Lithuania
    • I loved my experience in Warsaw, specially the tours from Orange Umbrella! Beata is an amazing guide, intelligent, funny, and why not say it: beautiful! i would totally recommend it to my friends and if i ever come back to Warsaw, would definatelly attend the others tours! Keep the amazing job!

      Gabriel P
    • Of course it’s not free but you pay how much you think. I was impressed by the nice student guide. He was excited about what he share with us. He was excellent and all of them are. They do an important job.

      evagold g, Israel


    • Why is this a paid tour?

      Currently there are not enough foreign tourists coming to Warsaw to maintain the offer of regular free walking tour of the Praga District 🙁

    • How long does it last?

      The tour of Praga lasts for 2 hours.