Marking the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

On Thursday, at 5:00PM sirens will sound across the whole city and the traffic and pedestrians will stop for a minute of silence to pay tribute to those who initiated the Warsaw Uprising, which broke out exactly 69 years before. On August 1st, 1944, ill-armed soldiers of the Home Army (AK) supported by civilians, initiated an uprising against the well-equipped Nazi war machine. This desperate and daring attempt brought great hope and uplifted the hearts of Varsovians, who had been suffering under Nazi occupation for five years. After 63 days of this one-sided battle, the city was destroyed and the survivors expelled. On Thursday, you’ll see the city pause at 5:00PM, that is, at the W-hour (‘w’ for ‘wybuch’ – outbreak), which was the code-name for the start of the Uprising. People will be gathering at such places as the Warsaw Uprising Heroes’ monument, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Military Cemetery, the Little Insurgent monument and in many other places around the city, associated with the uprising. Candles will be lit, flowers will be brought. Later, at 8:00 PM, thousands of people will be gathering in front of the Royal Castle to sing patriotic songs sung during the uprising. Join us on this special day in commemorating our heroes. Many of them will be attending the event too.

Where:  across the whole city, and then at the Castle Square

Map: click to open

When: 5PM on Thursday, August 1st; singing starts at 8:00PM

How much: free

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Medieval rock? Why not?

This is an absolute sensation – five young fun-loving musicians with unlimited creativity use medieval instruments (some of them are homemade!) to play experimental folk rock music! They are now in the process of finalizing their new album called ‘Middle Ages Crisis’ – but don’t be deceived: their lively and dynamic music has nothing to do with the dull Dark Ages. See for yourself!!

Where: Barometr

Map: click to open

When: 8:30 PM, on Thursday, 1 August

How much: 15PLN

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Indie rock by the river

Tres.B is one of the most popular bands in Poland playing indie rock. This young band – whose members come from different countries – has received some of the most prestigious music awards in Poland. They have been performing at the greatest festivals in the country, such as the OFF festival and Heineken Opener but they were also very successful abroad. This Thursday they will be performing in one of the trendy clubs by the Vistula river. A definite must-see!

Where: Cud nad Wisłą

Map: click to open

When: 8:00PM on Thursday, August 1st

How much: 20/25PLN

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