Warm yourself up with a best drink in the world 

W marcu jak garncu! This Polish proverb tell you that March weather is like a pot, anything can go inside. Although the sun is out, forecasts tell you it will rain soon. So you deserve a treat, especially if you’re after a day of sight-seeing! Ask any local and you’ll learn that the best chocolate is made by the Wedel company here in Warsaw, Poland. The company was founded back in the first half of 19th century and is famous for many other products including Ptasie Mleczko chocolate-covered marshmallows, mieszanka wedlowska candy mix and Delicje szampańskie cookies (you can stock up on them in the flagship store at ul.Szpitalna 8, right next to the cafe)
To have a real hot chocolate drink (and not just cocoa or liquidy pudding), head for the imperial-style cafe in the chocolate factory’s former location located smack in the city center. 12 PLN gets you a cup of chocolatey bliss. Have a window seat to people-watch. Smacznego/bon appetit!

Where: Wedel chocolate shop, ul. Szpitalna 8
Map: click to open
When: 8am-10pm
How much: 12-15 per cup
Details: click here




Delve into past by art

Recently reorganised, the National Museum of Warsaw exhibits an array of works of art dating from ancient Egypt times to 21st century. You can admire there Polish classics like Matejko (don’t miss his immense ‘Battle of Grunwald’!), Malczewski or Wyspiański. But what truly fascinates us there is the section of European medieval religious art (one of the biggest in the world). This part of the exposition has been just re-opened after the renovation. We still remember how impressive it was for us when we were kids-2.5 meters tall wooden crucifixes, with all the details of the suffering Christ presented right in our faces…long corridors with silent, mysterious yet beautiful Madonnas and dozens of angels starring at us all the way..both amazing and frightening a bit it was then. Who said that museums are boring?
Apart from that U can visit a temporary exposition presenting the works of one of the most important Polish painters of XIX century – Aleksander Gierymski. He is famous for his very accurate portraits full of sensisbilty towards his models and depicting everyday life of Poland, particularly in Warsaw.. The jewel iin the crown at this exhibition is a painting which has recently came back to museum after had been stolen during the World War II – “The old orange seller”

Where: The National Museum
Map: click to open
When: 10 am-6pm
How much: free admission to the permanent exhibition, 20pln to visit temporary exhibitions
Details: click here




‘Non-Consensual Act (in progress)’

The Center for the Contemporary Art is the place not only for exhibitions per se but also for performances, temporary presentation of the video-art. This Tuesday U can watch a very inspiring and thought provoking piece by Goshka Macuga, a Polish artist who expresses her visions re-using and re-creating images from non-artistic narrations. As the curator explains: “Goshka Macuga visited Afghanistan twice to research her project for dOCUMENTA(13). During her stay she visited the Afghan Film Archive in Kabul and learnt about their precarious and endangered operation during the Taliban era.. Macuga became interested in supporting the archive and decided to buy small strips of film that have been thrown away through the process of digitization. Surprisingly, the material turned out to be 19 separate film rolls containing only censored, sexually explicit scenes from foreign and Afghan films.
Macuga re-edited and re-contextualized these censored footages to present a new comparative reading to the differing perception, norms, conditioning to and permitted exposure of physical intimacy, violence and gender discrimination in Afghan and Western cultures.” (from press info)

Where: Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej, Jazdów 1
Map: click to open
When: vernissage on Tuesday, 6 pm
How much: free admission
Details: click here


Let art(or food 😉 ) transfer U into past this Tuesday.