Discover Warsaw on bike_2
Discover Warsaw on bike
1 Marzo 2018

In a few weeks should spring come to us, not only the astronomical one but also the weather conditions day by…

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Where to propose in Warsaw? Our Top 5 places
14 Febbraio 2018

The preparation for proposing is a crucial issue. You should think about the place, time, atmosphere. Proposing during trip is one…

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Hot beverages
How to stay warm on cold days in Warsaw? Our guide’s recommendations
18 Gennaio 2018

Winter doesn’t have to be unpleasant: you just choose the little pleasures to best suit the weather conditions. A cup of…

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Murals in Warsaw
7 Agosto 2017

So you came to Warsaw and want to see some street art, but don’t know where to look for it? It’s…

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12 Maggio 2017

Warsaw is a strange city – as most tourists never really leave the Old Town and the Royal Route, it would…

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