In a few weeks should spring come to us, not only the astronomical one but also the weather conditions day by day will be changing for the better one. Spring and summer seasons are a great time to discover Warsaw also by bike.

In Warsaw, we have well developed urban system Veturilo. Below we present the main information about it.

Bikes are available from 1 st of March until the end of November. There are available 4 660 bikes and 316 stations to rent and return the bike. Also, there are bikes for children (6 locations and 60 bikes), 45 tandem bikes and electric bikes

How to start?

First, you need to register. Visit the website and fill in a form and pay the initial fee – 10 zł. After, that you will get an email, confirm your details by clicking on the link in it. At the end you will get by email and by SMS the PIN number, that will be a part of your identification in the system. And it’s all, you can use Veturilo bikes 24-hours every day.

How to rent a bike?

Go to the bike station, click rent/return button on a terminal and follow the instructions. The bike that you choose will be automatically released. For bikes secured with a code lock use the code from the screen to unlock them.


Discover Warsaw on bike

Photo: Warsaw Tourism Organization

How to return a bike?

You can return the bike in every station. You just need to put the bike into free electric-block. The correct return will be confirmed by sound signal or by the green diode. If you want to be sure that return is successful you can verify it on the website, mobile application or by calling the number 19 115.
If there is no free electric-block, you can connect the bike via a code lock to another bike or to the handle of a bike stand. In that case, you need to confirm return on the terminal.

How much it cost?

Your account is active when you have a minimum amount of 10 zł on your account or after adding information about your credit card.  I’ve mentioned before about the initial fee (10 zł) during registration. First 20 minutes is for free, 21 – 60 minutes ride costs 1 zł. Complete price list you can find here

You can also use the application on your phone that allows you register, rent (by Scanning QR code on a bike) and return the bike. For more information visit the official Veturilo website:

Discover Warsaw on bike

Photo: Warsaw Tourism Organization

Would you like to discover Warsaw on a bike with a guide?

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