So, you’ve just landed. Welcome to Warsaw!
Be it Chopin or Modlin airport, you will probably want to somehow get to the city centre. Luckily for you, there are lots of options. Unluckily however, there is such a miriad of choices that it’s difficult to decide at all! Let us help you with that then.

Chopin Airport
Chopin Airport is the bigger of the two varsovian (that’s the adjective from “Warsaw”) airport and it actually lies within the city boarders, roughly 10 kilometres from the city centre.
The easiest (and least ambitious) option is to take the cab, however there’s a reason why cabbies in Europe have a notorious reputation for travelling with foreigners. They will gladly give you a sightseeing tour around the city and let you see what all the suburbs look like. Of course, more often than not that’s not the case, because there are only a few chosen corporations which are allowed to operate on the airport. Still, if you decided to actually take a taxi and you paid more than 35 PLN for your ride to or from the downtown during the day, it’s likely that you were ripped off. We’ve warned you.
Another option is UBER. UBER works the same everywhere. It’s semilegal (or was it semi-illegal?) in Poland, but at least you’ll save a few PLN and know you arrive safe and sound.
The next option is to go by bus. Warsaw boasts an extensive network of bus connections, among them 175 which takes you from the airport to Warsaw Central Station right there in the middle of the Downtown or even to the Column of Sigsimund by the Royal Castle itself! The ticket costs 4.40 PLN and you can buy it at the terminal or at the bus stop or on the train station (at the airport) thanks to the ubiquitous ticket machines. If you’re travelling in the opposite direction, buy the ticket in advance in a kiosk or ticket machine in the city.
Yet another and final option is to take the train. The S2 and S3 trains take you directly to the Warsaw Downtown Station and take 22 minutes to get there. Mind you, that during rush hours (7-9 AM, 4-6 PM) this is by far the fastest option. The ticket is the same as for the bus. Make sure, however, to enter through the door at the front of the train to have it validated by the train guard!

Modlin Airport
Modlin is the smaller airport and is 35 kilometres from the downtown of Warsaw. Fortunately, there are yet again a few choices pricing from 9 PLN.
First of all there is Modlin Bus. The cheapest fare costs 9 PLN (book in advance!) and it will comfortably take you from the Palace of Culture (usually considered the very centre of the city) directly to the airport (or the other way round).
The taxis usually have a fixed price for going to Modlin airport starting from 99 PLN during the day.      159 PLN
Another option is to take a bus to the Modlin Train Station and go to Warsaw on the train. The “Airport Ticket” costs 19 PLN and covers the price for both the bus to the station and the train to anywhere in Warsaw. The train departs to Chopin Airport but goes through Warsaw Central Station on the way.
Hope you will find the information useful and arrive safely. See you on the tour!