Our carefully picked recommendations for the coming weekend in Warsaw:

SAT-SUN, 24-25 December
Merry Christms!

Christmas, here it comes! And this year, we will be celebrating one of the most awaited holidays during the weekend. Although Christmas Day falls on the 25th of December, in Poland, the most important event – Christmas Eve dinner – takes place on the day before. This is a very strong tradition in Poland, celebrated with family members, which will sit down at an elegantly dressed table, with 12 traditional meatless dishes will be served (fish, cabbage pierogi, red beetroot soup – to mention a few). A special Christmas wafer will be circulated from hand to hand and shared along with the exchange of Christmas and New Years wishes. In the morning of Christmas Eve, you will still see some last-minute shopping being done, but around mid-day, everything will be shot down, and people will disappear from the streets, and the city will look abandoned. At midnight, people will pour onto the streets and head for churches to attend a special Midnight mass to sing carols and celebrate Christmas together. If you want to do some last minute shopping, please bear in mind that most shops and markets will close at 2:00 pm. We recommend the cozy and cheerful Christmas fair at the Old Town, just next to the King Sigismund Column, located along the city walls. On Christmas Day, shops will still be closed but many cafes and restaurants will be functioning.

Where: Christmas Fair, Plac Zamkowy 1/3 (click to open map)
When: Sat-Sun, 24-25 December, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Dec 24, 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on December 25th
How much: free
Details: click here
SUNDAY, 25 December
Visit the Holy Family

Visiting nativity scenes (szopka), exhibitions respresenting the birth of Christ, are one of the must-do activities in Warsaw during the Christmas season. You will see people strolling down Krakowskie Przemieœcie and the Old Town, entering churches to see how they imagine one of the most important event for Christians. Churches around Warsaw display nativity scenes each year, some of them are placed outside churches, not only because of their size, but also because you can see real animals acting out their 'roles'. Varsovians create rankings and discuss the exhibitions (which may be traditional but also presenting current world issues), trying to visit them all. Join us and make your own ranking! Don't miss one of our favorite scenes, which you can read about below.

Where: Church of Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, ul. Miodowa 13 (click to open map)
When: Sunday, 25 December, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
How much: ca. 5 PLN
Details: click here
FRIDAY, 23 December
Let the fish swim

This is an old Polish tradition: you are offered salted herring (especially around Christmas) and then vodka. If you refuse drinking vodka, you will hear that you need to drink it because fish like to swim… in something, and vodka is just good enough. If you need an excuse to party right before Christmas, visit the famous NiePowiem (I won't tell) club, for a party called Fish like to swim. Two fabulous DJs will prove that any time is a good time for partying!

Where: Where: NiePowiem, Nowy Œwiat 27 (click to open map)
When: Friday, 23 December, 10:00 pm
How much: 15 PLN
Details: click here
SUNDAY, 25 December
Dance in the Sky

Had too much to eat for Christmas? Niebo (Sky), one of Warsaw's most popular clubs at this moment, is organizing a party on Christmas Day!!! This will be your chance to shake off some calories (or kilograms). Don't expect Christmas carols, just great music, great company, and a great way to get away from the Christmas rush!

Where: Niebo, ul. Nowy Œwiat 21 (click to open map)
When: Sunday, 25 December, 10:00 pm
How much: 15 PLN
Details: click here
SUNDAY, 25 December
Christmas on Ice

On Christmas Day, if you feel like spending your time in an active and pleasant way, visit the National Stadium to enjoy the huge ice-rink which the soccer site turns into during the winter. The weather will probably not improve (read: no snow for Chrismas this year) so this will be a great opportunity to enjoy a true winter activity. So, put on your Santa hat and gloves, borrow some ice-skates (onsite) and skate away. After 1,5 hour spent on ice you can treat yourself with a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Where: National Stadium (click to open map)
When: Sunday, 25 December, 12:30 pm to 0:00 am
How much: 9-15 PLN, 10 PLN for renting ice-skates
Details: click here