THURSDAY, 16 October 2014
15 October 2014

[one_third] #MUSIC
Paula & Karol at Stodoła Let Paula & Karol steal your heart! They’re Polish indie-folk duo playing catchy melodies…

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WEDNESDAY, 15 October 2014
14 October 2014

[one_third] #MUSIC
Polish jazz tycoon in an ultra-modern Culture House Wojciech Karolak is a living classic of Polish jazz music. He…

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TUESDAY, 14 October 2014
13 October 2014

[one_third] #PARTY
College Party * If you’re still a student; * If you feel you’re still a student; * If you…

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MONDAY, 13 October 2014
12 October 2014

[one_third] #MUSIC
Samuel Blaser Trio at Pardon, To Tu Spend the Monday night in our favourite jazz club in Warsaw! Pardon,…

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SUNDAY, 12 October 2014
11 October 2014

[one_third] #FAIRS / #ART
Buy yourself some art! Have you heard about Nowosielski, Abakanowicz or Leto? You should!:) The 12th Warsaw…

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SATURDAY, 11 October 2014
10 October 2014

[one_third] #FAIRS / #FASHION
Grand Bazar There used to be great department stores in Warsaw: the last big one was turned…

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FRIDAY, 10 October 2014
9 October 2014

[one_third] #PARTY / #DRINKING
Dancing – Polish style If you look up the building opposite the one where the bar we’d…

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THURSDAY, 18 September 2014
18 September 2014

[one_third] #CAFE
Pre-war vibe in one of Warsaw’s prettiest cafes If you can’t afford to stay at the famous Bristol hotel,…

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WEDNESDAY, 17 September 2014
16 September 2014

[one_third] #MUSIC
1000 years of Polish history in a haiku It’s the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising…

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