SATURDAY, 1 November 2014
31 October 2014

[one_third] #SIGHTSEEING
All Saints’ Day & All Souls’ Day Poles celebrate the All Saints’ Day in unusually solemn way. Throughout 1st…

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FRIDAY, 31 October 2014
30 October 2014

[one_third] #HISTORY
Struggles for Poland On Friday 31 October Warsaw museum “Dom Spoktań z Historią” invites everybody for a meeting with…

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THURSDAY, 30 October 2014
29 October 2014

[one_third] #CONCERT
POLIN open days attractons Czułość gallery (named after one of the nicest words in Polish, meaning tenderness) focuses on…

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WEDNESDAY, 29 October 2014
28 October 2014

[one_third] #EVENT
POLIN open days attractons with main exhibit opening POLIN expands it’s offer – possibilities to widen your knowledge about…

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TUESDAY, 28 October 2014
27 October 2014

[one_third] #EXHIBIT/EVENT
Jewish Museum Grand Opening Museum’s staff invites you to the much anticipated Grand Opening of POLIN Museum’s Core Exhibition,…

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MONDAY, 27 October 2014
26 October 2014

[one_third] #CONCERT
Ska till’ the end of the world! Trees lost their leaves already, temperatures are far from comfortable but don’t…

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SUNDAY, 26th October 2014
25 October 2014

[one_third] #FOOTBALL
Jewish amateur league Jewish community in Poland even though itis very small it is very vibrant. In recent years…

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SATURDAY, 25 October 2014
24 October 2014

[one_third] #SEIGHTSEEING
Narrowest house in the city open to visitors If you’ve been to our Orange Umbrella Free Tour you may…

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FRIDAY, 24 October 2014
23 October 2014

[one_third] #EXHIBIT/EVENT
Warsaw Photo Days The Photography Festival Warsaw Photo Days was created in 2013 at the initiative of OW ZPAF,…

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