What’s Up Warsaw? FRIDAY, 01 Feb 2013
31 January 2013

#BOOKS  Art book sale!  Save up to 70% on art books at the Museum of Modern Art bookstore Bookoff. The sale…

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What’s Up Warsaw? THURSDAY, 31 Jan 2013
30 January 2013

#CONCERT  Cool Kids Of Death  You can’t understand the rebelious Polish soul of the early 2000s without listening to Cool Kids…

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What’s Up Warsaw? WEDNESDAY, 30 Jan 2013
29 January 2013

#CINEMA  Woody Allen’s oldies (and newbies:) at Przystanek MDM  MDM (which is an acronym for Marszałkowska Housing District) is a pearl…

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What’s Up Warsaw? TUESDAY, 29 Jan 2013
28 January 2013

#WINTER SPORTS  Sledging in the Old Town!  Hey, it’s getting warmer! If half a meter of snow is not what your…

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What’s up Warsaw? MONDAY, 28 Jan 2013
27 January 2013

#MUSEUMS  The Warsaw Uprising Museum  The 1944 Uprising in Warsaw was one of the biggest battles of resistance against the Nazi…

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What’s up Warsaw? SUNDAY, 27 Jan 2013
26 January 2013

#ATTRACTIONS  Fotoplastikon, a 100 year old 3d show  Ever heard of fotoplastikons?:) They were devices popular at the turn of 19…

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What’s up Warsaw? SATURDAY, 26 Jan 2013
25 January 2013

#EXHIBITION  1950s Warsaw, Poland and Europe in Władysław Sławny’s photographs  Władysław Sławny, director of the weekly “Świat” (‘The World’) published his…

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What’s up Warsaw? FRIDAY, 25 Jan 2013
24 January 2013

#PARTY  Rap History Warsaw + Do You Remember When? at 55  No doubt, RHW and DYRW? (A pamiętasz jak?) united guarantee…

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What’s up Warsaw? , THURSDAY 24 Jan 2013
23 January 2013

#MUSEUM  Łazienki – the Royal Baths   When in Warsaw you should not miss one of it’s biggest attraction: The Łazienki…

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