TUESDAY, 14 October 2014

TUESDAY, 14 October 2014


College Party

* If you’re still a student; * If you feel you’re still a student; * If you don’t mind partying with students (or those who feel like them:), this party is for you! College Party has an ambition to become the best student party in town so this time as an extra they’ll give away loads of beer for free. Yes, exactly. Beer for free:)

Where: Mono Bar
Map: click to open
When: Tuesday, 14 October, 9pm
How much: students: free until 10pm, 10 zł later on; others: 15 zł
Details: click here


Poland – current world champion:)

If you beat a team that won the world cup just a couple of months ago, doesn’t it make you the current champion?:) Polish football team just beat the Germans in a Euro2016 qualifier last Saturday and now we’ve got the Scots on our target! In March when we recommended a friendly game between the two teams we entitled our post “See Poland beat Scotland… NOT:)” (and in fact, we lost 0:1). But this time expectations are much higher. So if keep your fingers crossed for Scotland if you don’t want them to lose too high!;)
And if you can’t make it to the National Stadium, just see the game in one of the downtown bars!

Where: Stadion Narodowy
Map: click to open
When: Tuesday, 14 October, 8:45pm
How much: 100-200 zł
Details: click here


Middle Ages in the middle of the city

Visit the astounding Medieval Art Gallery in the National Museum of Warsaw, for free!
The National Museum in Warsaw’s collection of Medieval art, the richest and most diverse of its kind in Poland, after long refurbishment, is once again open to visitors in a completely new and unique format. Famous works such as the Beautiful Madonna from Wrocław, the Grudziądz Polyptych, the Annunciation with the Unicorn Polyptych, the Triptych with the Legend of Saint Stanislaus the Bishop and the monumental altarpiece from Pruszcz Gdański are presented in a modern arrangement specifically designed to resonate with the modern viewer.

Where: The National Museum
Map: click to open
When: Tuesdays-Sundays 10am-6pm, Thursdays 10am-9pm
How much: free on Tuesdays, otherwise 15 zł (normal) or 10 zł (concessions)
Details: click here

7 months ago Scotland beat Poland 1:0, tomorrow watch the situation reverse:) (and other attractions in #Warsaw:) [photo from gwizdek.24.pl]