Andrzej Jankowski

As a kid he always loved listening about history: old names, ancient geographical terms, they all sounded like some tasty dishes to him. The passion has not gone and now he’s eager to share what he finds intriguing most about his hometown with you. He loves sports and outdoor activities like rock climbing and long mountain trips though working as a bike messenger taught him that some extraordinary places can be discovered where you’d never expect them to exist. Adventure can be found just around the corner!

  • Beata is a class apart. She took a disparate group of many nationalities and turned us into a single entity; all in search of her knowledge. The tour lasts a couple of hours, goes in a flash and covers parts of the Old Town which you would never find on your own. If you visit this city, here is where you start.

    - Jaketjeff, TripAdvisor user
  • Brilliant Beata! Saw this trip on this website and thought we would give it a go as it's technically free! Beata was brilliant full of information and able to answer all questions that were asked! The emotional side of how 85% of the city was demolished and rebuilt made you realise there was a heart to this city! Such a good trip it's deserved every Zloty that we gave her at the end of this 2.5 hour informative and humourous tour!

    - Pete P, TripAdvisor user